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At Stier Construction Company, it is imperative that every customer is completely satisfied with their home. Here are just a few testimonials:

References | Stier Construction Company When we began this journey, we were told by friends and family that building a house is a “complicated, difficult, and exhausting experience.” Clearly, Greg Stier was not involved in the construction of their homes. Our dream beach home started as a sketch on a cocktail napkin. It took one year for Greg to turn that dream into reality.

We met with several builders before finding Greg. We knew in an instant that he was the right man for the job. Knowledgeable, organized, and friendly, Greg makes the daunting task of building a home into a fun and interesting project. He was open-minded to our ideas, willing to listen to our concerns and always ready to answer our questions. Stier Construction Company delivers a personal touch that cannot be found with large construction firms. We were able to reach him by phone immediately and reliably – never had to pass messages via a secretary or an assistant.

Greg kept us updated on progress regularly which we appreciated tremendously because we were located 240 miles from the build site. When we changed our mind about a particular aspect of the project, Greg adjusted accordingly. And when unanticipated issues arose, Greg handled them personally to achieve quick resolution. With Greg at the helm, you can sit back and enjoy watching your home take shape.

Now everyone who visits our home comments on the superior craftsmanship. Our guests revel in the quality and comfort that is evident upon walking through the front door. Almost one year after completion of the home, we encountered a small problem resulting from a manufacturer’s defect in a large installation. Greg organized the replacement of this fixture without hesitation and the repair went beautifully. If we could build another home, we would do it in a heartbeat, and there is only one builder we would choose...Greg Stier.References | Stier Construction Company Cedric and Jennifer Lefebvre
Kure Beach, NC

References | Stier Construction Company Greg Stier is absolutely the best. The homes he has built are his testimonials. The quality of design and construction is obvious. That is why we chose him four years ago to build our dream home. What a pleasure it was to work with Greg from a vacant lot to a finished home. He is creative, imaginative and provides the little details that make a huge difference. We love our home in Kure Beach and would highly recommend you visit with him if you are contemplating building a new custom home. References | Stier Construction Company Jon and Beth Moon
Kure Beach, NC

References | Stier Construction Company My husband and I were first time home builders and the first person we thought of to build our home was Greg Stier. I have known Greg for 16 years and always found him to be competent, honest and hard-working. He made the sometimes arduous task of building a house an enjoyable and memorable experience for us. When a change from the plans was requested by us, Greg gave us specific feedback about what that change would cost, how long it would take and the pros and cons of making the change. His expertise and guidance were invaluable in helping us turn our house plans into our dream home. And the best part is, we admire and respect him as much if not more than we did before he built our home. Thank you, Greg! References | Stier Construction Company Layne M. Smith, Attorney and business owner
Wrightsville Beach, NC

References | Stier Construction Company Greg, we would like to thank you and your company for the excellent construction you did on our home. You were always available to discuss and take care of any problem or concern we had. Your staff was always friendly and helpful. The job was completed on time. All invoices and paperwork were correct to the penny. Greg, it was our pleasure to work with you, and if anyone would like a recommendation we would be happy to talk to them personally. References | Stier Construction Company L.C. and Faye Meachum
Kure Beach, NC

References | Stier Construction Company My husband and I had never built a home before, much less attempted it from 400 miles away, and therefore we went into this process with a great deal of trepidation. Greg was able to put us at ease immediately. He was always accessible (we had his personal cell number) at any hour of the day. Once the contract was complete, Greg delivered everything on time and as promised. When facing difficult decisions on certain aspects of the home, Greg would never compromise to move the project along. He always wanted to do what was best for us. Through the process, Greg's word was his bond and he was phenomenal to work with. If we were ever to build a home again, we would choose Greg and enthusiastically endorse him to others. References | Stier Construction Company Judy and Tom Lund
Kure Beach, NC

References | Stier Construction Company Greg Stier Construction company built my home for me. Note, I said home... not house. There is a reason why. Before I committed to any builder, I spent time with each builder talking about my ideas, concepts, vision. In the end, Greg got the idea, my concept. I asked his foreman and subs how long they had been with Mr. Stier, and 5 years, 10 years was the answer – that said a lot to me. What makes me happiest is when people visit our home and ask, 'Who did this for you?' I explain what the idea was, what the concept for the home was, and then tell them, 'Greg Stier and I brought those ideas to the reality of what you see today.' They note the attention to detail in the concept-to-reality of the home. I am very proud to say to many people that Greg Stier and Team built my home. Greg paid attention to what I was conveying in words and converted that into reality. Sometimes he would even quietly say, 'Well, have you ever thought of doing this?' My plan became our vision.

I'll tell you, I have people that stop on our street and say, 'We love your home – who did it?' I smile and say, 'Greg Stier and Team, give him a call!' What better complement to your ideas, dreams, and hopes for your home, than to build a trusted relationship with the builder that will turn those dreams into a reality.

I hear a lot of people say, 'My builder did not live up to my expectation.' I smile and say, 'Mine did.' Greg Stier exceeded my high expectations. There is no reason to ask if I would use Greg Stier again – I can tell you yes, and there would be no other choice. I highly and personally recommend Greg and his team to you for the builder of your hopes, your dreams, your home. References | Stier Construction Company Deryl Hester
Carolina Beach, NC

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