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Our Process

The Plan:

  • We work with all local architects and home design firms.
  • Another design source would be home plan books or the internet.
  • We design a number of the homes we build.

Cost Projection:

  • Normally we do a basic cost projection, followed by a list of many options for owners to review.
  • Generally we operate on a fixed cost contract price. This would contain allowances for certain items. Working on a cost plus a fee basis is also an option, if the owner would desire that type of arrangement.


  • Some basic selections are handled during the estimating process.
  • Customized selection forms are given to each client. This form indicates suggested firms to contact, who to speak with, when the selection needs to be made, and, if it is allowance related, how much they have to spend.
  • A large number of our clients do not live in this area. Especially for those, the services of Mrs. Leslie Stachowicz are valuable. She is experienced in all areas of home design and helpful with making the many selections a new home requires. She allows our client to use their time efficiently. The resulting product is always very attractive.


  • The materials we use during construction will vary in some ways, depending on the client. What is right for one person may not be the best for another. We work with each homeowner to determine the best selection of materials for their home. In all cases, the work will be performed by skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work and will do everything they can to make each homeowner happy with both the finished product and the process to get there.
  • Many of the homes built by Stier Construction Company are either near or on the ocean. These homes will face severe challenges in the years ahead, if they are to successfully hold up in this environment. Corrosion is an concern for these homes. Water intrusion is an issue for these homes and honestly for all homes. One of the most difficult challenges for any builder is to produce a product that is one hundred percent dry in all weather conditions. We have developed methods to that end for many years, one of which held a federal patent.


  • It is imperative that every customer is completely satisfied with their home. We will not stop until they are. This is one of the most important phases of the process. A listing of the last five or ten clients we have worked for is always available.
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